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Great question! This answer depends on several factors. Do you have a lot of spare time to learn and stay on top of the many areas of marketing skillsets needed to consistently promote your business? If yes, then self-marketing may be your best choice. If however you find yourself overwhelmed, and need to spend your valuable time on your core business activities, or you want to get to the next level, then partnering with a marketing agency would be a good option to look at.

Based on your goals, amount of revenue, working capital, size of company and industry, your marketing budget should average be between 5% and 30% of your monthly and yearly revenue.

With over 80% of all transactions starting from an online search, it is hard to ignore the importance of a strong web presence these days. No matter what your business is selling you can be certain that prospective customers will be going online to learn about what you sell and the best companies to choose from to get started.

Pay per click can be a very valuable tool in growing your business, revenue and profit margins. A professionally setup and managed pay-per-click campaign can yield very quick, consistent increases in relevant traffic to your website. With budget being your only real limitation, the increase of new, qualified traffic to your website can be enormous. We highly encourage customers to use pay-per-click ad campaigns to reach the right people, at the right time – based on Google and voice search results.

Your website is the first impression that prospective customers get about your business online. If you do not have a website or if you have a dated, poorly designed and developed website, then there is a very good chance that this prospective business is going to move on to a competitor of yours that has put the proper time and care into their website.

Since we build the majority of our websites on WordPress, it will have many SEO friendly elements already. That said, there is some additional optimization work we can include like proper setup of recommended SEO plugins and assistance with setting up and verifying accounts with Google.

All websites built by BDB are responsive. Responsive websites are entirely mobile friendly and helps with performance and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) reasons.

While Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram have the largest user bases, the best social networks to focus on are the ones where your customers spend their time. Social media marketing requires constant, ongoing engagement if you want to see results.

Yes, we help our clients chose the best solution or optimize their current mass emailing service. Email marketing is a great way to stay top-of-mind with your target market.